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Dedicated to the Triumph of Immaculate Heart of Mary and the beginning of social reign of Christ the King 

What's Guadalupe Film?

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman wrapped in the Sun… with the moon under her feet… The Dragon appeared and there was a battle in the sky; Michael and his angels fought…they won” Revelation 12


Guadalupe Film is now a dream, and every dream begins in the mind and heart of every single man, family, group, or society. We're constantly seeing the threats that come to the lives of our children/people/society disguised as kindness and love, but really it's the seed of evil that is constantly sown and watered through the screens that each person sees.


According to the newspaper La Nación, a person from the United States spends around 6 hours and 42 minutes browsing the internet and 2 hours on social networks (See link); Have you ever wondered who is educating or teaching us about different things? Have you tried to take control of it for once? You know... the truth is that this is a fight between good and evil, a fight that it ends, it just transforms.

From this question, the conformation of Guadalupe Film is born as a visual production house, where we want to show true love, that authentic love, and those true values ​​with which many of the generations grew up. Generations that are still the basis of the rational growth of the human race.


Guadalupe Film intends to bring visual content that shows how impressive faith can be, and as always the revolution of love has transcended and triumphed in each stage of the different local and global social events. We really believe that love wins, yes, you know, it always wins.


This initiative requires basic elements necessary to start producing visual material, cameras, telephoto lenses (Lenses), lighting, microphone, and other elements. If you join our Kickstarter campaign with a donation we will mention you in our first production as a founding donor of Guadalupe Films.


Light always wins, good always wins, love always wins, we thank you for joining this project that seeks to navigate an adventure of faith and recover the values ​​that our society has forgotten.


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