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Coffee Club

Coffee, best served with community.

Organic or specialty-grade beans from around the world,

delivered to your doorstep from only $13.95

plus shipping
(And let's change the world while we're about it, why don't we?)

Choose one of our nonprofit partners to support with a percentage of your purchase. Your business also gives 30 local farmers in Nicaragua the financial ability to launch a coffee cooperative and transform their community.

Receive our Brewing Bulletin and connect with other Coffee Club members as we work to renew our culture. Discover other member's stories and help each other live lives in service to others.

Now - this all wouldn't work unless the coffee was good! You're in luck. This is the best coffee in the world. Seriously. Top 3% of beans. We're also the best value for your buck. Don't believe us? Read on!

Every pound of coffee helps transform our culture.

Did you know you can create a sustained impact through your purchase? We've partnered with select nonprofits so that every pound of your coffee can do good while it tastes good.

Already, there are thirty local coffee farmers in Nicaragua ready to create a coffee cooperative. Their success can transform the area and help Guadalupe Gardens, a mission center run by Paul Rush in Nicaragua. 1,000 monthly subscribers will help us launch the coffee cooperative and support Guadalupe Gardens. 

Your coffee works for good.

(Don't see your favorite nonprofit? Send us its name! We're constantly looking out for good work to partner with! Email us.)

Only $13.95? Why - my goodness - I think I'll immediately

Consciously Consumer Strip

Belong to a community with our Brewing Bulletin, a monthly digest accompanying your coffee subscription.

Man was made for community - so was coffee.

The Brewing Bulletin is how we stay in touch. How we learn how to brew coffee with elegance and ease. Where we hear the stories of other Coffee Club members - their missions, their community, their lives. Where we read selections from C.S. Lewis, Wendell Berry, et alia.


Guadalupe Roastery wants to create opportunity for real in-person community. Why not meet up at a local Habitat for Humanity? Learn what charities in your area need volunteers? Start a second Inkling club? We're excited to see where you all take this community!

(Have ideas for the Coffee Club community? Throw it at us! We are sure that people will be moved to create community in ways we can't imagine yet.)

Well, slap me silly and paint me blue, I do believe I'll

Deepen Your Community Strip

Only the top 3% of coffee beans are good enough for you.

As a man of frugality and taste, I know that now is the time to

Enjoy Creation's Best Coffee Strip

Ever hear of specialty grade coffee? Well, it's not your supermarket variety. 97% of beans world-wide don't make the specialty grade cut. Specialty grade beans? They make our cut. We ship only the best, unroasted coffee beans from around the world in order to get the best possible coffee into your cup. And when we roast the beans for you, you know you're getting the freshest coffee, too.


And we're the best price, as well!

We deliver a full pound (16oz) of coffee to your door, rather than the 12 or 8 oz packages that most offer you. Because of that, we're a full 30¢ cheaper per oz than any other mail order coffee club!

(Not sure? Try out our sample to check out our taste! If you're not hooked onto Guadalupe Roastery's coffee, we'll be shocked.)

You read all the way down here? You're a champ.

You deserve a reward - treat yourself!


Join the Coffee Club today!


Curious about something in the Coffee Club?

Ready to be a member, but one thing is holding you back?

Curious about why other coffee doesn't taste as good as ours?

Confused as to how we are able to offer the cheapest coffee subscription service and still have the best coffee?

Wondering which of our staff is a certified jedi?


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